Our Mission

Our products are designed for the future to better solve the difficult problems of today. We solve really hard problems so our customers don’t have to settle for ordinary solutions. Attacks against information are now more sophisticated and more powerful than ever. Ordinary solutions will be no match for attacks that are coming. But when that future arrives, our customers will already be there and their files will be safe.

Our Customers

Our customers are on the go and productivity is important to them. Our customers want products that protect information no matter where it is. Our customers don’t have time for attribution or retribution and they're not impressed by theatrics. Products that impose ugly tradeoffs or burden them with layers of complicated controls aren’t good enough.

Our Location

We are located in the IT Enterprises facility adjacent to the High-Performance Computing Center. 4633 World Parkway Circle, Berkeley, MO 63134-3115
Ph: (888) 270-5982 / (314) 824-2000 Fax: (888) 285-5672 Email: techno@obliquedrive.net